Electrical Equipment Testing:

Circuit Breakers
Ground Fault Systems
Low & Medium Voltage Breakers & Switchgear
Harmonic Surveys & Analysis
Transformer Oil Analysis
Cable Fault Location
Power Quality Surveys
Automatic Switches
Battery Switches
High & Low Voltage Circuit Breakers & Switches
Ups Systems
Infrared Inspection
Ultrasonic Survey
Instrument Transformers
Metering & Instrumentation
Motor Control Centers
Bus Ducts
Relay Calibration
Arc Flash Training

Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography is one of the most cost effective predictive maintenance technologies available to quickly, accurately, and without interruption of operations, locate problems in various types of systems prior to failure. Infrared thermography utilizes a non-destructive technology to detect abnormal thermal patterns from an object.
Infrared Thermography for Electrical & Mechanical Systems

Mismatched or improperly installed components can create resistance, which leads to increased heating and eventual failure. Utilizing infrared thermography surveys, ETS will locate and identify these “hot spots.”

These are generally caused by poor connections, overloaded circuits, or load imbalances. Infrared thermography is a preventative maintenance that will give you enough time to correct these issues safely before you lose an entire panel, feed, transformer or a major fire is caused. Overheating can also be caused in mechanical systems (such as pumps or motors) by faulty equipment and components. Infrared thermography in these types of systems can also prevent costly repairs in the future.

Relay Testing

Electrical Testing Solutions offers relay services, from testing and calibration to repair and replacement.

Relay Testing – Visual & Mechanical Inspection

Relays are inspected for physical damage and compliance with specifications.
Inspect cover gasket, cover glass, presence of foreign material, moisture, condition of spiral spring, disc clearance, rust and contacts.
Check mechanically for freedom of movement, proper travel and alignment, and tightness of mounting hardware and tap screws.
All settings are be made in accordance with the customer.

Infrared Thermography – Roof Top Scans

On flat roofs, drains can sometimes become blocked. The water can cause damage to the roof, as well as underneath. Using infrared thermography to scan your roof, ETS can identify temperature differences created by saturated insulation in the roof assembly. This allows us to pinpoint problem areas so they can be fixed. This will avoid the costly replacement of an entire roof, ETS can perform either annual or periodic surveys at your facility and troubleshoot all types of equipment. A complete infrared thermography survey is performed on your system and detailed reports are provided.

Circuit Breaker Testing & Electrical Switchgear Services

Electrical Testing Solutions offers complete, on-site testing, calibration, repair, reconditioning, remanufacturing and retrofitting services for all brands of switchgear. All remanufactures have a limited warranty. ETS will also provide solid state and vacuum upgrades, new replacement and parts, or offer you one of our used and reconditioned units we have in stock.

Our goal is to extend the life of your electrical switchgear equipment. These services increase the reliability, predictability and accuracy of your switchgear, and offer significant advantages over the purchase of new equipment, such as new equipment at a lower cost, less down time due to shorter lead time and faster installation, with no retraining required.

We work with power circuit breakers from 480 volt class through 38 kV. This includes low voltage metal frame breakers, low voltage switches, medium voltage switches, protective relays, and medium voltage air magnetic circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breakers and motor starter contractors.

Transformer Maintenance

Electrical Testing Solutions can perform your transformer maintenance for all manufacturers (to 110kV – non-PCB). We will repair or recondition your current transformer. Transformer maintenance and proper installation is critical for insuring the extended life of your transformer.
Transformer Maintenance – Transformer Recondition and Remanufacture

Recondition to current ANSI/IEEE Standards for short circuit capabilities
Up-rate capacity or reduce losses
Voltage, impedance or winding connection changes
Life expectancy and warranty as good as or better than new transformers.
Resident electrical and mechanical engineering staff

Transformer Testing

Transformer Testing is performed in accordance with customer requirements and the latest ANSI/IEEE standards. We can also perform insulation testing, insulation fluid reclamation, and complete insulation fluid analysis.

All of our services are performed in accordance with NETA and currently accepted industry practices. We ensure reliability and efficiency for energy users in a wide variety of industries.

The following tests are performed on the nominal settings:

– Pick parameters on each operating element.
– Timing test is performed at three points on the time dial curve.
– Pick up target and seal in units.
– Special test as required to check operation of restraint, directional, and other elements per manufacturer’s instruction manual.

Electrical Cable Testing

Electrical Testing Solutions will perform on-site electrical cable testing using a cable tester. A cable tester is a piece of automatic test equipment used for verifying and testing electrical connections in a cable, a harness, or any other wired assembly. Electrical cable testing will ensure your cables are safe and in good working order.
What is electrical cable testing used to test?

Cable Conformity: ETS will ensure that the cable conforms to safety standards and according to the cabling plans and the application it is being used for (the connector pins are wired correctly, etc.)
Cable Quality: Here, the connectors, tracks, connections, and insulated parts are examined. We will check that the cables are not damaged, scratched, and that there is no metal dust in the connectors. Electrical cable testing will also ensure that no pins are bent, that there is no damage from crimping, that isolated points in connectors are well isolated, and insulation of connectors.
Cable Functionality: At this stage, we know that the cable is correctly cabled and that his quality is optimum. The tested cable will be used in real conditions where it will activate different elements.

Electrical Switchboard & Bus

Electrical Testing Solutions installs and maintains electrical switchboards and bus. In industrial applications, any downtime can be very costly. The continuity of power supply is a critical requirement in the workplace and any facility.

A well planned industrial electrical switchboard dramatically improves safety and reduces downtime by allowing for the isolation of individual circuits for work to proceed on them without the need to isolate the entire distribution board.

The isolation of entire switchboards during repairs and maintenance is a common problem in poorly designed electrical switchboards.
Most electrical switchboards include:

Individual metering on specific circuits
Main and bypass circuit breakers
Emergency power off
Surge protection
Door open alarm
Supply available indicator
Phase failure monitoring

Power Substation Maintenance & Testing

Electrical Testing Solutions has extensive experience in power substation operations, modifications and upgrades. Our firm is uniquely able to service our customers at their facilities with on-site preventative maintenance and circuit breaker repair, testing and replacement, on-site installation, start-up services as well as disaster and recovery operations of substations.
Testing and maintenance for power substations including:

High & Low Voltage Switches
Painting and Protective Coating
Relays, Metering & Cables (HI-POT)
NETA , NFPA, IEEE Proof & Acceptance Testing